Phoebe Marie

Phoebe Marie
September 10, 1996 - June 30, 2008

Monday, June 22, 2015


After 6 years and 714.75 hours I have resigned from being a volunteer at the Humane Society. In the past few months the site I volunteered at made some really great renovations to the building, especially for the cats. However, along with these renovations came a new role for the volunteers, one that required us to be more of a customer service rep. Before, when a customer was interested in adopting a pet we would take the card with the pet’s information and bring them up to the front desk and there the employee would talk with the customer and I could get back to petting and loving the cats. Now the volunteer has to carry around a computer tablet in a big clunky bag and when a customer has a question about a cat we are to whip that tablet out and get the information for them. It required a lot more time with the humans and less time with the cats, which was why I was there. I tried for a few months to get used to this change but found myself miserable and exhausted after each Sunday shift. It felt more like a job and one that I hated. I am not a “people person”. I have a massive amount of guilt right now for quitting, but I was no longer enjoying myself. I’m taking the summer off and hoping this fall to find a new place to volunteer my time with animals.

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